Seresto flea collars for dogs and cats

Flea and tick prevention, reinvented

Kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact -
so they don't have to bite to die
Stays effective for 8 continuous months.
One non-grease, odorless collar
instead of messy monthly treatments
Water resistant -
no need to remove it before swimming or bathing
Seresto Collar for Cats and Dogs

How to Apply Collar?

How to Apply Seresto Collar - step 1


Insert the end of the collar through the buckle.
How to apply collar


Adjust the collar around the dog's neck without it being too tight or too loose. It should be possible to enter two fingers comfortably.
How to Apply Seresto Collar - step 3


Pull excess collar through the loop(s). Collar length greater than 1 inch beyond the loop(s) should be cut off unless it is on a growing puppy.
How to Apply Seresto Collar - step 4


Three reflector clips may be fixed permanently to the collar to increase your dog's visibility in the dark. The clips are correctly applied when a clicking sound is heard

Innovative Seresto flea collars – 8 months of reliable protection

The Seresto flea and tick collar can rightly be called a unique product that can compete with the most popular and expensive brands. Extremely easy to use, safe for pets and their owners, this collar seems to create an invisible protective barrier against fleas and ticks around your four-legged pet and keeps it going throughout the warm season when blood-sucking insects are active. With Seresto, they will disappear from the list of your problems once and forever, when you just fasten the collar on the animal.

Do you need to kill fleas safely for a dog or cat? Is it safe to block access to the animal for new parasites? Can you rid yourself of anxiety for the life and health of your pet for a long 8 months? The Seresto collar will help solve all problems with one simple movement.

Odourless to disturb your pet, waterproof, reliable and effective, it will bring your pet the long-awaited freedom from fleas and other biting creatures, and their owners peace of mind!

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Just wanted to let you know how blessed I have been to have you guys care for me over the past few years.



For now, I’m very, very happy to have something to help combat the fleas!


Dog Owner

Make sure you read the packaging instructions carefully! I really loveeeee this collar. THANK YOU SERESTO!!!



What is Seresto?

Seresto are the collars that kill blood-sucking insects thanks to the presence of two active ingredients in their composition. These are the substances imidacloprid and flumethrin, which are “imprinted” in the plastic base of the collar and are released from it in microscopic doses over several months, getting into the hair and skin of the animal.

The dosage is calculated perfectly: such an amount is not capable of harming a dog and a cat, during the entire time the accessory is used, the pet will be healthy, cheerful and happy. But fleas will fully experience the deadly power of Seresto.

Furthermore! The Seresto collar is able to kill fleas at all stages of their development – from larva to adult, and parasites do not adapt to its action. Not after a month, not after six months, it does not lose effectiveness!

The product is also safe for animals. Imidacloprid and flumethrin have long been widely used in parasite control, have a reputation for being low risk, and are often found in flea and tick control products.

Why Seresto?

The advantages of Seresto over analogues are undeniable; it is no coincidence that more and more responsible pet owners are choosing in its favour:

  • Begins to act immediately. There is no need to wait until fleas begin to bite the animal, as it occurs with drugs for internal use.
  • Protects the health of four-legged animals. The exact dosage and natural origin of the flea poisoning ingredients are safe for the animal.
  • Does not require extra efforts. You don’t need to bathe your dog to put the collar on it and kill fleas.
  • Does not frighten the animal and does not irritate it with strong odours, which often happens when spraying wool.
  • Costs little. No need to spend huge sums on ultrasonic collars that expel fleas with sounds of a special frequency.

How does Seresto work against fleas and ticks?

Despite the fact that outwardly the Seresto flea and tick collar looks like an ordinary strip of plastic, it is a polymer matrix, which contains high concentrations of substances that kill ticks and fleas.

Take the collar from the packaging, remove the plastic connectors from the inside, put on the animal and fasten it with a simple two-loop system. All you have to do after that is to make sure it is not too tight and the animal can breathe and swallow freely. It is especially true for puppies that grow very quickly! It is likely that after a couple of weeks Seresto will begin to press it, and the collar will have to be loosened.

The active components of the mixture will slowly penetrate into the hair and kill larvae, fleas, ticks and other parasites, without requiring any additional actions from the owners. If you need guaranteed protection against bites, scratches and diseases transmitted by blood-sucking insects, Seresto are the best choice!

Seresto Online – Seresto-products website

Thanks to the Seresto collar website, buying this literally life-saving accessory is now a matter of a couple of mouse clicks. Save yourself the hassle by purchasing Seresto Online quickly and easily!

At the same time, it will protect the pet from fakes, because only the original flea collar will provide protection without harm to health. By placing an order on, you:

  • Do not fall into the hands of scammers who will sell you low-quality, useless and even dangerous goods at the price of real ones;
  • You will not be forced to look for an accessory in pharmacies and veterinary shops, wasting time, efforts and gasoline on the road;
  • You can pay for the purchase in any way convenient for you from those presented on;
  • Get a new thing for a family pet as soon as possible;
  • You will be able to get competent advice on choosing the best product in your case, which is provided to customers by the Seresto collar website.

Use all the benefits that virtual space and modern technologies give us! Seresto Online is designed to make your life easier.

  • Seresto flea collars for dogs
  • Seresto collar for cats

The product line offers collar options for large dogs over 18 pounds as well as small breeds. The latter can be used to protect puppies, but only after they are 7 weeks old.

In order to increase the safety of the animal, the plastic tape is provided with a “break point” that will break if the animal gets stuck somewhere and will make efforts to free itself. This will keep it safe from injuries.

It is recommended to put a collar on an animal to protect against ticks from the onset of the first warm days and before frost. As for fleas, Seresto can be worn all year round, changing collars as they expire.

The Seresto flea collar for cats works in the same way as the product for dogs, however, it certainly has its own differences. First of all, it is a convenient unlocking mechanism that will allow your pet to remove the accessory if it gets caught on something while playing or exploring the territory. You can be sure that the family pet will not suffer, and the fight against fleas will not lead to any tragedy.

In addition, secondly, the reflective clip will make the animal more visible at dusk and thus it increases its chances of a safe return home. Thus, using Seresto, in addition to direct protection against blood-sucking insects, you get many additional bonuses.

Do vets recommend Seresto?

Yes, Bayer Seresto is a veterinarian-recommended product to protect pets from flea and tick bites and as a prevention of dangerous diseases transmitted by them.

Expressed advantages:

  • proven effectiveness against fleas;
  • thoughtful and safe composition;
  • a design that provides for the independent release of the animal in unforeseen circumstances;
  • long time of action;
  • water resistance, which allows you to bathe the animal without removing the collar.

Such advantages have made Seresto an active flea fighter, deserving the recognition of specialists. It can be used as a stand-alone accessory or together with a regular collar, put on dogs and cats of different breeds, sizes and ages, always achieving excellent results.

Security (NFA-VPS)

When used correctly, the collars do not pose a threat to the life or well-being of the pet. However, do not forget that when using any product for the first time, you should carefully read the information about it, study the instructions and follow them strictly.

So, do not allow the animal to gnaw or chew on its collar, as it can cause indigestion or mild poisoning. In addition, it cannot be completely ruled out that the pet is allergic to the natural components of the collar, which will result in itching, peeling or hair loss in the neck area. In very rare cases, contact with the plastic strip leads to eczema and dermatitis. Fortunately, really negative effects can be easily avoided by simply monitoring the condition of the dog in the first days of using the product.

If you still have any questions about the use of the Seresto collars, you can ask our expert in pet care by writing an email to You will receive a full qualified answer that will resolve the last doubts.

Award-winning pet collar from Seresto

Seresto Top Quality award
Seresto Best Choice award
Seresto Recommended

Seresto – the best choice of flea and tick collar for cats and dogs

Seresto protects the animal from fleas, ticks and their larvae. Products of this brand do not cause anxiety to the animal, do not harm its health, do not irritate with foreign odours, provide a comfortable existence and effective prevention from various diseases.

The collars are sold in sealed packaging that keeps them from spoiling, are not afraid of contact with water (however, regular long bathing of a pet can reduce their effectiveness), are equipped with break points to prevent accidents, and products for cats additionally have light reflectors.

The product does not need to be removed during its entire service life. It is equally effective for large and small animals, adults and babies. If you follow the instructions, the use does not cause any complaints and always shows an excellent result.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best collars for getting rid of fleas, ticks and larvae, and its purchase will not be difficult for you thanks to the website.

If you are concerned about the well-being of your pet, you want to create the most pleasant living conditions for it and protect it from parasites and diseases, buying Seresto will be the right decision. Buy the product today so that tomorrow your pet will continue to delight you with good health and well-being!

What is the collar?

It’s a cutting-edge collar that protects your pets from ticks and fleas for approximately eight several weeks. Which means that you do not need to bother about more frequent applying flea and tick treatments, and there’s no recourse of failing to remember to do this.

Why is Seresto product not the same as other flea and tick collars?

Our innovative technology enables it to produce controlled doses from the ingredients more than a lengthy time period. The components are used in your pet’s coat and skin, and spread across his system, keeping him protected against ticks and fleas for approximately eight several weeks.

Do you know the ingredients within the collar?

Our product contains two ingredients: imidacloprid, which kills adult fleas, and flea larvae and flumethrin, which repels and kills all existence stages of ticks.

My pet has began eating the collar, must i worry?

As most ingredients are bound within the collar matrix and never at first glance, they aren’t released or absorbed once the collar will get chewed. Or no, mild gastrointestinal signs might be seen. Nonetheless eating ought to be prevented and when your dog seems to get their own collar into his mouth it’s likely it’s applied too loosely. Ideally two fingers fit between your collar as well as your dog’s neck.

Could it be safe for young puppies?

It’s safe to be used on young puppies aged seven days and older.

My collar doesn’t smell whatsoever. Performs this mean it isn't working correctly?

No, it doesn’t. Our method is odourless, there are no uncomfortable smells you typically affiliate with flea and tick collars.

Can One fasten a leash or perhaps a nametag to my collar?

No, you shouldn’t fasten a leash towards the collar, because the pressure of the pet pulling against it might potentially open the security mechanism. Make use of your normal collar additionally towards the collar to connect the leash. Our product continues to be fully tested keeping the vehicle safe reflectors specifically produced for collars, but not one other products happen to be tested, so they’re not suggested – particularly if they cover the top of collar.

Is collar water-resistant? Should i take away the collar if my dog will get wet?

The collar doesn’t need to be removed whenever a dog goes swimming or perhaps is bathed. The ingredients are within the collar matrix and won’t launch into water. They spread with the fat layer from the dog’s hair and skin and of course this fat layer is partly washed off by bathing, the collar will rapidly replenish the ingredients and also the pet is going to be protected again.

However, prolonged, intense contact with water or extensive shampooing ought to be prevented because the time period of activity might be reduced. Studies demonstrated that monthly shampooing or water immersion didn’t considerably shorten the 8 several weeks effectiveness duration for ticks after redistribution from the active substances within the coat whereas the product’s flea effectiveness progressively decreased, beginning within the fifth month.

How frequently can one let my dog go swimming while using the collar?

The collar is water-resistant. It remains effective following swimming, using a mild shampoo with non-detergent ingredients, or contact with rain or sunlight. There’s you don’t need to take away the collar for swimming. Under normal conditions, i.e. under one bath monthly, it’s effective for approximately eight several weeks for dogs that go swimming or bathe frequently, the control duration for fleas is reduced to 5 several weeks.

What goes on if my dog will get his collar stuck on something?

The collar was created having a safety-release mechanism. Within the unlikely event of the pet being trapped, the collar will widen as he provides a hard pull, permitting a fast release. The little dog collar includes a two step safety mechanism because it is furthermore outfitted having a predetermined breaking point, so a harder pull will break it.

How come the collar possess a white-colored powder at first glance, when obtained from the pouch?

The white-colored powder is because stearic acidity, a release agent utilized in the development process to really make it simpler to produce the collar from the mold.

Stearic acidity is totally safe as well as graded to be used in a few foods. The white-colored powder normally disappears inside a couple of days after use of the collar for your animal however if you simply prefer, you can just wipe them back having a cloth.

Can the collar be utilized alongside normal collars?

Absolutely. The collar could be worn alongside your dog?s usual collar without compromising its effectiveness, as lengthy as connection with skin and hair is apparent.

Can One take away the collar for a few several weeks and reapply it again later? Does it still work?

We strongly discourage you against carrying this out. This process of application hasn’t been tested also it might have an affect on the amount of protection your dog receives. To find the best flea and tick protection, the collar ought to be used throughout the year. However, if you’ve removed the collar only temporarily (e.g. during grooming), you are able to reapply it with no problems.

How should I dispose of the collar?

Used collars or any remains ought to be discarded in compliance with local needs. The merchandise shouldn’t enter water courses.

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