Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

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Seresto flea and tick collar for large dogs

A flea collar is an essential accessory for a dog. Even small animals that rarely leave the apartment can be attacked by blood-sucking insects, since fleas can enter the house on clothes and shoes, and it is easy to bring a tick from a walk outside the city. What can we say about large dogs that need to be walked twice a day? A fleeting meeting with a neighbour’s dog, whose owners are frivolous in protecting their pet, is enough for the parasites to migrate to your dog’s hair. And how many flea larvae are dumped on the ground by stray animals! And each of the insects can be a carrier of a disease that threatens the health and life of a pet.

Seresto for medium and large dogs

Seresto is responsible for the safety of man’s best friends. We understand how difficult it is to track if a tick has stuck into the skin of a dog, especially if your pet is large in size – over 8 kg. Sometimes it can be difficult and expensive to protect a large dog from fleas. It takes a huge amount of spray or shampoo to do it, a lot of efforts and time is spent!

But the flea collar for large dogs is devoid of all of the above disadvantages. You buy it once and for long 8 months you forget about the existence of blood-sucking parasites.

You don’t need:

  • to spend money on additional protective measures;
  • to bathe a large dog before putting on the collar, and treat its hair with odorous and not always safe products;
  • to renew protection every 1-2 months – the accessory works during the warm season without losing effectiveness even if the dog swims in a pond or wallows on wet grass from time to time!

How does a large dog flea collar work?

The Seresto collar looks like a strip of ordinary plastic, but in fact it is a complex accessory, in the polymer matrix of which substances are imprinted that can kill fleas and ticks within 1-2 days from the start of operation. Ingredients which are harmful to parasites are released in small portions, gradually spreading over the hair and skin of even a large animal to the very tail and covering more and more blood-sucking insects.

The product allows you not only to kill fleas! It serves as an excellent means of preventing infection with parasites. The smell that comes from the collar, imperceptible to humans and animals, repels blood-sucking insects that are ready to jump on the dog while walking or communicating with relatives, so your pet is less endangered.

The release of active ingredients occurs continuously for 8 months of wearing the accessory, and all this time the dog is under invisible, but insurmountable protection for pests. Fleas do not bother it, scratching and irritation are a thing of the past, and dangerous diseases bypass the dog. And all this provides one simple collar!

Benefits of Seresto flea collar for a large dog

Many owners of large dogs have already appreciated the advantages of our product, which favourably distinguish it from similar products.

The Seresto large dog collar provides excellent flea protection against fleas with the following benefits:

  • During the first day, it begins to kill fleas living on the animal and repel away other foreign insects. Ticks are exposed to ingredients that are deadly for parasites in the first two days, and then they also cease to annoy the pet.
  • The product works even on very large dogs over 18 lbs.
  • The collar can be put on puppies as soon as they are 7 weeks old.
  • Impregnation components do not stain the hair and do not make it look untidy.
  • The product has no odour accessible to the human nose or the sensitive scent of the dog.
  • If the animal chews on its new thing, nothing bad will happen.
  • The thoughtful design of the product allows the animal to get out if there is a threat of suffocation – for example, the dog will catch on a tree branch.
  • Seresto for a large dog is water resistant, so it won’t stop working after bathing your pet, whether planned or not.

Safe and natural collar for your dog

The composition that impregnates the plastic base does not include components that can harm anyone other than insects that parasitize the animal. These are ingredients that are widely used in veterinary medicine and have proven themselves well. Their concentration and proportions are strictly calculated, and their release is in such microscopic doses that it does not pose a threat either to the pet itself or to the owners who decide to play with it.

Poisoning will not occur even if the animal gnaws on plastic impregnated with a special compound, which is quite likely for a large dog! However, it is advisable not to allow it, so as not to cause indigestion to the beast. Just make sure that the collar always remains tightened, but so that two fingers pass freely between it and the neck.

Moreover, monitor the behaviour of the animal in the first few hours to exclude the possibility of allergies, which are extremely rare, but can still occur in dogs. Otherwise, a large dog flea collar is absolutely safe.

How to choose the right collar: size guide

It is extremely important to choose aaccurately the size of a flea collar, carelessness in this matter can result in serious discomfort or dermatological problems for a pet. You can measure the animal yourself by standing the dog upright and carefully wrapping the measuring tape around its neck.

The tape must not be loose or too tight! As a rule, Seresto medium dog collar is selected, leaving a gap of one finger. These are Russian hounds, collies, pointers, setters, cocker spaniels and other breeds of moderate size.

For a large collar, leave a gap of two fingers. This applies to Siberian Huskies, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Shepherd Dogs, Dobermans, Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards and other large breeds.

If the pet has thick long hair, 1 cm can be added to the length of the collar.

You can also focus on the weight of the pet:

Size Recommended weight of dog Length of collar
Small dogs Under 8 kg (17,6 lbs) 15″ (38 cm)
Large dogs Over 8 kg (17,6 lbs) 27,5″ (70 cm)


Each collar contains:

10% imidacloprid. This drug has been used in veterinary medicine for many years to control ticks, fleas and flea larvae, kills up to 98% of blood-sucking insects and has a low risk. Imidacloprid is used to treat fruit trees, which indicates its safety.

4.5% flumethrin. It is another of the least dangerous insecticides, which is used to treat large livestock and make flea and tick collars. The drug supports and enhances the effect of imidacloprid, allowing you to achieve almost 100% cleansing of wool from unwanted guests.

Slowly but inexorably, both agents are released from the base of the collar and expel parasites from the dog’s body. You can learn more about them on Seresto Online.


  1. Do not use a large collar on dogs under 7 weeks old and weighing less than 8 kg. It is designed for large animals!
  2. Do not overtighten the accessory.
  3. If the animal becomes inactive, shows signs of skin irritation or an allergic reaction, remove the collar immediately.
  4. Important! The product has not been tested on lactating or pregnant dogs.

Why do you need flea collar for large dogs Seresto®?

Seresto products enable the responsible pet owner to:

  • save your four-legged ward from itching and irritation that cause flea bites;
  • provide the animal with a peaceful sleep and comfortable wakefulness;
  • protect against diseases carried by fleas and ticks;
  • easily treat the hair of a large dog, simply by fastening the collar on it;
  • be not afraid for the health of your pet and your loved ones.

In addition, Seresto is very easy to purchase on Seresto Online. The purchase will not cause you the slightest hassle, just go to the official website, make a choice, get advice from our experts if you think it is necessary, and order a new thing for your big pet. Say goodbye to fleas!


Seresto collar sizes

The Seresto medium dog collar is about 38 cm or 15 inches long. The Seresto large dog collar measures 70 cm or 27.5 inches long. It is enough to find easily the right length for the largest animal and not sacrifice the convenience of the animal for the sake of flea control.

Why to choose Seresto flea collars for your large dog?

Product manufacturers take animal safety seriously. For manufacturing, we use only high-quality raw materials and carefully ensure that the final product meets all safety requirements, and our specialists advise customers on Getting rid of fleas and ticks won’t be big problems for your big pet!

Do vets recommend flea collars?

The Seresto flea collar for large dogs is recommended by veterinarians to protect animals from fleas, ticks and the diseases they carry. They equally easily allow medium-sized and large animals to get rid of the problem of blood-sucking parasites, without worsening the well-being of the animal.

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